Frequently Asked Questions

Did the women need their husbands (if alive) permission ? And did their wages go direct to the women ?

What was the live expectancy of a miner?

What was the infant mortality rate?

What are the stone walls behind ‘Laxey Woollen Mill’ for?

On the sectional diagram what is the diagonal ‘SLIDE’ mean?

On the sectional diagram, the ADIT brought fresh air into the mine but it go on well underground into the land beyond, after the mine shafts end. Is this correct and if so why? This was a legal obligation as part of the contract given by the commissioners of mines to the project at Laxey. It was an exploratory level whereby they would sink shafts down to look for minerals. The Pioneer level petered out at the Dumbell Shaft. The ADIT sometimes acted as a drainage level.

What is the main Christian Church denomination in I.O.M, in present times ?